Read Bermuda – Day 7

The final day of our trip to Bermuda had arrived. Our flight was not until around 4:00 pm, though, so we still had some time fit in some last minute time at the pool before heading to the airport. I managed to fit in one last visit to Horseshoe Bay in the morning before breakfast, as well.

Last visit to Horseshoe Bay

We lucked out that our hosts did not have others guests arriving on our checkout day so they let us stay past the official “check out” time.

Finishing of the last of our beer in the fridge in the backyard

We took a taxi from the rental back to the airport with plenty of time to spare. Upon getting to the airport we were surprised that the procedures are different than most other international flights returning back to the U.S. After checking in at the desk you have to take your luggage to U.S. Customs at Bermuda’s L.F. Wade International Airport before you head airside through security to the terminal. This means you should probably budget for more time before your flight than a typically return, in case it’s a busy day. The nice thing about going through U.S. Customs while you’re still in Bermuda is that you don’t have to worry about it once you land at your destination. Once we deplaned in Newark, it was as if we had arrived on a domestic flight.

A brand new terminal is currently under construction at Bermuda’s airport so in the interim the facilities are lacking in the quality of the amenities. But one touch we found very nice was a play area for the kids to burn some energy before the flight. Not very many other airports have such an area, and if they do, it’s typically prior to the security screening area so it’s difficult to use before the flight.

Play area at the airport

Flying out of Bermuda provided us some great views as we bid farewell to the island.

Bermuda from the air