For our first day at Kalahari we assumed we wouldn’t have much luck finding food at the waterpark that the kids could eat due to their food allergies.  We brought our own food into the park for the kids which is technically not permitted, but luckily when they searched through our bags they did not find it. Hopefully, if they do find your allergy-safe “contraband” they’d understand and let you keep it.

The snack bar at Kalahari left much to be desired. It had your basic hamburger and hotdogs, chicken fingers, and pizza. There was nothing available that wasn’t contaminated by the common food allergens. My wife and had the pizza and it was your typical bowling-alley snack stand quality.

Kalahari Kids Menu

For dinner, we ate at B-Lux Grill & Bar. They were able to accommodate the kids much here better than inside the waterpark.  They offered to bake the french fries since the fries are fried in the same oil with gluten and egg battered items at B-Lux Grill & Bar. This worked out well and the kids were very happy.

For breakfast, we brought our own Van’s waffles for the kids and microwaved them in the in-room microwave. Unfourently the room did not include the advertised table and chairs so both kids had to share a computer chair and sit at a desk.

Ivory Coast Restaurant

We tried out the Ivory Coast Restaurant for lunch. They accommodated the children without any issues and cooked a chicken breast and fries that the kids shared and they enjoyed it.

When we visited Aquatopia at Camelback we booked a room with a kitchen so we were a little apprehensive staying in a room without a full kitchen at Kalahari. The fact that each room has a mini-fridge and a microwave alleviates some of that stress and allowed us to make our own breakfast for the kids. The sit-down restaurants we ate at were all able to accommodate us and both boys had an amazing time.